Peacock Print Pattern UV Glow Foldable Hand Fan | Peacock Feather Print Pattern Handheld Fan Animal Peacock Wing Fan for Animal Print Lovers

Color: Style 1
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  • Loud Snap / Clack Sound.
  • Sublimation print, colors will never fade. When exposed to blacklight/Party UV lights, the fan will give extra bright neon glow.
  • All artworks are made in-house and printed with fluorescent ink.
  • Large Size:  33cm Closed | 62cm Open (13" Closed | 24.5" Open)


♥ Features ♥

Black 13 inches bamboo rib with a light satin fabric, printed with a special fluorescent ink that is reactive under UV light (club/party black lights). With a fast wrist-snap open the fan provides the ultimate snap sound. This unique design made by our team will come alive under UV light / Black light as presented on the photos. This is an ideal gift or accessory for parties, music festivals and your nights out. While being a cooling accessory for hot and humid weather. This UV hand fan is light weight and used materials are durable for fanning, clacking and snapping. With a quick wrist snap opening, the fan will produce signature snap sound.

♥ Details ♥

♥ Hand fan size 33cm when closed and 62cm opened (13in/24.5in )

♥ We use fluorescent ink, which makes the fan having a wonderful glow under UV lights (party blacklight)

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