Custom Hand fan UV glow | Bulk handheld bamboo fans for events - wedding fans, festival, rave circuit and party personalized customized foldable fan

Size: 10 Inches
Sale price$35.55


♥ Make your own personal hand fan! You can submit the artwork/photo or give us instructions and we will create several versions of artwork for you to choose. We will accept any revisions until you are 100% satisfied with the result. After making the purchase please send details at

♥ Your custom fan will be shipped 1-2 business days after you approve/select your artwork.

♥ Custom hand fan will be printed with fluorescent ink, so your design will also glow under UV/Blacklight.

Price varies if you order more than 1 fan, and our graphic design support is complimentary.

1 - 2 fan = $ 39.50 USD

3 - 5 fans = $ 35 USD per fan

6 - 15 fans = $ 31 USD per fan

16 - 25 fans = $ 25 USD per fan

26 - 50 fans = $ 20 USD per fan

50 - 80 fans = $ 15 USD per fan

80 - 110 fans = $ 13.80 USD per fan

110 - 140 fans = $ 12.50 USD per fan

140 ++ = contact us for custom offer (

♥ Black 13 inches bamboo rib with a light satin fabric, printed with a special fluorescent ink that is reactive under UV light (club/party black lights). With a fast wrist-snap open the fan provides the signature snap / thworp sound.

♥ Our team will create a unique design based on your instructions and will come alive under UV light / Black light as presented on the photos. This is an ideal gift or accessory for parties, weddings, music festivals and your nights out. While being a cooling accessory for hot and humid weather.

♥ This UV hand fan is light weight and used materials are durable for fanning, clacking and snapping. The print technique we use is sublimation, which ensures that the colors will never fade or wash away.

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